The Uncle At The Party: Ireland’s Space Tech Incubator

Frank Salzgeber talks with Hustle about why the European Space Agency is setting up a space technology incubation centre in Ireland and why SMEs and startups move better at solving problems.

Recently the European Space Agency made the announcement that Ireland would be the base for a space technology incubation centre for the ESA.

ESA space technology
A number of Irish made technologies have made their way to ISS and rocket missions for ESA

While companies rarely made big profits on projects that go into space, it is the pipeline for technology which is the real lucrative aspect of being involved with space flight and missions. Creators of space tech are looking to the aftermath of their space projects and seeing how they can garner what they have learned into usable consumer tech.

Frank talks about developing the incubation centre and how the ESA are ‘the uncle at the party’ looking to help companies develop their tech pipeline.